Golden Age of Comic Books – November 12, 2008 – #59

Welcome to the 59th episode of the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast!  In this episode we discuss Phantom Lady, who was published by several comic book companies during the Golden Age.  She first appeared in Quality’s Police Comics #1 (August, 1941) and ran until issue #23 in 1943.  Four years later, she was published by Fox Features Syndicate in her own title, Phantom Lady starting with issue #13 and ending with issue number 23.  Her run in Phantom Lady was highlighted with art by great “good girl” artist, Matt Baker.  Baker was probably the first African American comic book artist.  After another 5 year hiatus, she was picked up by Ajax and had a four issue run of Phantom Lady.  The cover to Phantom Lady #17, shown here, is famous for being discussed by Fredric Wertham in his attack on comics in Seduction of The Innocent (1954).

Phantom Lady #17

We also bring back the Golden Age Market Report and discuss some Golden Age reprint material.

We also discuss Comics Now! magazine and the DC Comics Vintage Super Hero Calendar.

Last but not least, we have our first ever Golden Age of Comic Book Podcast contest, but you’ll have to listen to the show to find out the details!

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  1. Always great to have anew podcast from you Bill. I loved it. Nice new website too!

  2. Thanks, Mark and thanks for stopping by the new site!

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