Golden Age Reprints – Starman Archives Volume 2

Nine years ago, DC Comics published the Golden Age Starman Archives Volume 1 featuring the Starman stories from Adventure Comics 61 through 76.  I was therefore pleased to see this week that DC finally got around to publishing the final Starman solo stories to appear in the Golden Age of comic books in the new Golden Age Starman Archives volume 2.  This final Golden Age Starman volume features all of the Starman stories that appeared in Adventure Comics 77 (August 1942) through 102 (February 1946), his last Golden Age solo adventure.  The first few stories are drawn by Jack Burnley, followed by a few by George Roussos inks over Mort Meskin pencils, with Emil Gershwin rendering the majority of the stories, including the last ten.  There are a number of stories written by Gardner Fox, with Joe Samachson writing the final ten stories.  This is great Golden Age material and highly recommended.  The introduction to the volume is by the prolific Roy Thomas.  The cover price is $59.99.

Golden Age Starman Archives Volume 2

Golden Age Starman Archives Volume 2


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  1. David says:

    Just got this in the mail today. Can’t believe what a terrible reproduction it is. Jezz, what’s up with DC? The Superman Kryptonite Nevermore was like this too.

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