Golden Age Reprint Roundup

There are some cool recent Golden Age reprints to be had!

First, DC Comics is back with another of their Batman Chronicles.  Volume 9 features some of my favorite Batman stories from the prime of the Golden Age.  In this edition, you will find all of the stories from Detective Comics 75 through 77, Batman 16 & 17 and World’s Finest Comics #10.  These stories were all originally published between April and July of 1943 and feature the works of Golden Age greats such as Jerry Robinson, Jack Burnely, Don Cameron, Bill Finger and many others.

The Batman Chronicles Volume 9

The Batman Chronicles Volume 9


Marvel has also produced a great new collected edition of some never before reprinted Golden Age stories.  Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Daring Mystery Comics Volume 2 features reprints of all of the stories from issues five through 8 of this title.  While not as popular as Timley’s main characters the Human Torch, Captain America and the Sub-Mariner, this volume does not diappoint with the adventures of the Fiery Mask, Marvex the Super Robot, The Fin, Dynaman, Monaco: Prince of Magic and many others.  There’s a lot of great talent here from Bill Everett, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby and others, with a great Alex Schomberg cover on issue #5.  Will Murray penned the introduction to this harback volume, which also includes reprints of some classic Timley ads, original art and photos.

Golden Age Marvel Masterworks Daring Mystery Comics Volume 2

Golden Age Marvel Masterworks Daring Mystery Comics Volume 2


Check these out!  You’ll be glad you did!


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  1. Sam Kressin says:

    I’m glad to see their continuing with the Chronicle reprints. I’m about half way through Batman Chronicles Vol 2 right now and eventually I will get to Vol. 9.

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