Heroes Con 2010 – Another Great Show!

Heroes Con 2010 is now history, but it was a blast!  Will and I spent most of our time with good friend and “super dealer”, Earl Shaw at his booth selling the heck out of $1 comics.  The time at Earl’s booth was especially enjoyable as the legendary Chuck Rozanski spent most of the show there pulling stacks of books for Mile High Comics.  Even though we worked hard helping Chuck stack up heavy boxes of comic books, it was worth every minute of it just to be able to hear his many stories about his life in comics and comics fandom.  In the comic book world, Chuck has seen and done it all!  I am looking forward to our next visit with Chuck.

Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics

Of course, it would be impossible to attend Heroes Con without picking up some Golden Age comics!  I had a pretty good show in this regard and bought or traded for mid to low grade issues of Superman (numbers 41, 45, 47, 48, 50, 55, 58, 59 and 68), World’s Finest Comics #25 (great tennis cover!) and Four Color Comics #386 (Uncle Scrooge #1).  I also picked up some Silver and Bronze Age books.

Golden Age Stash from Heroes Con 2010

Golden Age Stash from Heroes Con 2010

 Last, but not least, I had a great time participating on the “Podcast Quorum” podcasting panel with some of my fellow comic book podcasters.  A good time was had by all!  Chuck Moore of Comic Related recorded the panel, so as soon as he uploads it I’ll post a link to the file.

Heroes Con 2010 "Podcast Quorum"

Heroes Con 2010 "Podcast Quorum"

All in all, Heroes Con 2010 was a huge success.  Thanks to Shelton, Dustin and the rest of the gang for another fantastic show.  I’m already counting the days to Heroes Con 2011!


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  1. Ltux says:

    Was Don Rosa there? I remember you interviewing him at a previous Heroes Con. That was my introduction to his work. Amazing guy.

  2. Don was there and we talked about doing an interview. Unfortunately, time slipped away and the interview did not get done. I hope to catch up to him at another show in the near future.

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