Vintage Calendars Are Back for 2011!

Just in time for the Holidays, Asgard Press is back with some great new Vintage comic book calendars for 2011.  As in the past, these calendars feature large format, ready for framing poster quality images of some of the great comic book covers from the Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age of comic books.  These will make great gifts for any comic book fan, so check them out!

Just like 2010, Asgard is back with a Vintage Marvel Comics Calendar featuring some of the great comics from Marvel’s Silver and Bronze Age masterpieces.  You can view all of the cover images included with this calendar here.

2011 Vintage Marvel Comics Calendar

2011 Vintage Marvel Comics Calendar

Last year, the Vintage SciFi Calendar was also a hit, so Asgard has produced another calendar in this line with some incredible science fiction covers from yesteryear.  Check out all of the cover images in this calendar here.

2011 Vintage SciFi Calendar

2011 Vintage SciFi Calendar

New to the Vintage line this year is one of my favorites from the Golden and Silver Ages of comic books, Archie!  Any fan of “The Mirth of a Nation” will enjoy the reproductions of some classic covers featuring this famous teenager and his friends from all eras.  You can view all of the great Archie and friends cover images included with this calendar here.

2011 Vintage Archie Calendar

2011 Vintage Archie Calendar

Unfortunately, Asgard was not able to strike a deal with Warner Brothers/DC Comics for a third Vintage DC Comics Calendar for 2011.  While I am disappointed by this development, I’m thrilled that Asgard has produced such great calendars for 2011!  If you have Vintage calendars from previous years, you will note that the 2011 calendars feature 12 months (instead of 16 like in previous years) and that the retail price is $16.95, a $2.00 drop.  Even though there are fewer covers, they are collector grade and well worth the retail price.  Of course, as in the past, each calendar is printed on heavy 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks to make these calendars “green”.

Fortunately, Asgard has once again partnered with the Golden Age of Comic Books Blog and provided us with a promo code to get you a ten percent discount on anything (not just the comic book products) on the Asgard site.  So, if you are a fan of college football, check out their great vintage college football calendars featuring program covers from a bygone area.  When you check out at the Asgard site, just use promo code, “GOLDENAGECOMICS” and your order will be processed with the discount.

Thanks to my friends at Asgard for providing me some great samples of the Marvel and Archie calendars, and for their production of some great products featuring vintage Golden Age and Silver Age comic book characters.


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  2. Nick says:

    That is too bad to hear about the lack of a DC calendar. Warner Bros. sure missed out on that. I’m a bigger DC fan but I may pick up the Marvel one just to continue with classic covers on the wall. The Archie one may be fun though too for a change of pace.

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