The Fate of a Podcast

Notably absent from my Christmas activities this year was the annual Golden Age of Comic Books Christmas Podcast.  I wish I had been able to record the Christmas show this year, but life just got in the way!  As those of you who have followed the show realize, I’ve recorded fewer and fewer shows over the years, to the point where I have not been behind the microphone since last Christmas (2009).  As good as my intentions have been, I’ve just not been able to find the time, and have come to the conclusion that it’s time to acknowledge that things are not likely to change for the foreseeable future.  So, instead of making promises that I can’t keep, I’ve decided to make a formal announcement that the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast is “off the air”.  This is not to say that I won’t ever record the show again, but for now I’m going to pull the plug.  The good news is that I am not going to end the blog, and plan to keep it updated with posts about the Golden Age of Comic Books.  I also hope to appear with my fellow podcasters on their great shows if they ever want to sit around and talk about the Golden Age.

To my fans and friends, thanks for riding along with me since June of 2005.  It’s been a whole lot of fun, and I appreciate your support and friendship.  I hope everyone has a great New Year in 2011!


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7 Responses to The Fate of a Podcast

  1. Larry says:

    It was a great run, Bill! We’ll always have the “reruns.”

  2. suzanne says:

    Sorry to see it officially go. Hoping for a return . . . someday . . .

  3. David Akers says:

    Count me in the group sorry to see it go. And like Larry, I’m happy that podcast episodes will stick around as long as there’s server space.


  4. Pat Curley says:

    Count me among those who’ve been hoping for a new episode for awhile, but like everybody said, you’ve put up a great body of work already. Thanks for many hours of happy listening!

  5. Rob Frontuto says:

    It is unfortunate to read that the podcast has come to an end. I’ve been listening to you since 2005 and have always loved learning about the golden age stories/characters. Thank you for putting all the time into doing each episode, and thank you for such entertaining and educational show.

  6. Bil,
    Sorry to hear this. Please keep the old shows up and running – FOREVER.
    Your podcasts are a great resource and should be heard by all interested parties.

  7. G. Gary says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. Your hard work and dedication to research is very appreciated.

    At 12, in a supermarket, I found All in Color for a Dime, read it on a flight to Chicago next day where my mom was taking me to meet some Irish relatives for the first time, and I have been hooked on comics and comic strips ever since!When I was a teenage kid I had quite a few of the books you mention, such as Steranko’s History of the Comics I and II, and Jules Feiffer’s book, as well as Couperie and Horn’s on the History of the Comic Strip. (Ages ago, when those books first came out! I was only a young kid, but my parents were generous in providing me with the reading matter of my choice.)

    Along the way, when I was in art school and then grubbing a living afterwards, I had to sell those books, but the contents made a huge impression on me, and your detailing the Golden Age heroes such as AirBoy etc. has made this live again!

    Sorry for the length of this, but I want you to know that your podcasts resonated out here in the vast Internet!

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