GAC Featured Golden Age Cover – Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #4 Complimentary Copy (1941)

Here’s my copy of the rare Complimentary Copy of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #4.  Except for the cover, this is an exact duplicate of the regular issue #4.  The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide states that this complimentary issue was probably mailed out to the subscribers of the cancelled Mickey Mouse Magazine, encouraging them to subscribe to the new comic book series.  I’ll post an image of the back cover subscription form on the GAC Facebook page.  Overstreet lists this complimentary issue as rare and states that only 5 copies are known to exist.  I’ve only seen this copy in the wild, but I suspect that more than five copies exist.  I have not checked the CGC census, but it may show more than five.  By the way, when I purchased this copy, it had been previously slabbed by CGC, but the slab had been damaged and removed.  I still have the label from the original slab, so this is one that will be in the CGC census.

Notably, this issue is the first cover appearance of Huey, Dewey and Louie, and is also the first Christmas cover in this title.  Enjoy!

WDC&S #4 Complimentary Copy (1941)

WDC&S #4 Complimentary Copy (1941)


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