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Comics Then

In 2007 while we were at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, Bryan Deemer of Comic Geek Speak asked me to write a column about the origins of our modern comic books and comic book characters in his new magazine, Comics NOW!  I was honored, and suggested the title “Comics Then” for the column.  Bry agreed, and we’ve now completed several issues with more on the way.  I recently mentioned to Bry that I would like to post my columns here on the Golden Age of Comic Books web site, so here they are.  If you haven’t had a chance, pick up the latest copy of Comics NOW! magazine and I think you’ll really enjoy it.


  1. Comics Then #1 (Fall 2007) featuring Superman.
  2. Comics Then #2 (Spring 2008) featuring Batman, Robin and Golden Age time travel.
  3. Comics Then #3 (Summer 2008) featuring the Batman Origin Trilogy.


UPDATE – May 1, 2009 - RIP Comics NOW! – I’m sorry to say that I’ve been told that Comics Now! has ceased publication.  This is really a shame as Bryan Deemer and everyone else involved in this effort created a first class publication.  In anticipation of issues four and five, I had written two additional Comics Then columns.  As they will not now be printed in a future edition of Comics Now!, please look for them in the pages of the blog.  Thanks to all of you who supported Comics Now! and to Bry for asking me to write for this great magazine.

These files are PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

 Comics Then and the contents of each column published here under said title are Copyright © 2007-2009 William F. Jourdain.