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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

New Golden Age Reprint Material – Captain America

I love to see Golden Age comic books reprinted.  This is especially true for comics that have not been widely reprinted in the past and where to acquire the originals would probably break the bank.  I was therefore doubly delighted this week when Marvel published the third volume of its Golden Age Captain America Marvel […]


The Secrets of the Batcave

I was over at the Silver Age of Comic Books blog reading Pat’s latest post about Dick Sprang, and couldn’t help but think about once of my favorite pieces of Batman memorabilia that really captures the essence of the Golden Age Batman from the mid-1940′s through the mid-1950′s.  In 1995, Sprang created a large format […]


The Strange Case of “The Pink Eyebrow”

There’s a lot of wacky stuff out there in Golden Age comics books if you know where to look.  One of the strangest I’ve come across in a while is the case of “The Pink Eyebrow”, from DC’s All Funny Comics #16 (March-April, 1947).  All Funny was a anthology humor book that got its start […]


The Censorship Dilema

Not only am I a fan of the Golden Age of Comic Books, but in a way, I am a historian as well.  As a historian exploring the Golden Age I am sometimes frustrated by reprints that have altered the original source material for the sake of being politically correct. Before  I delve further into […]


The First Western Comic Book

While I know a lot about the Golden Age of Comic Books, I was always under the impression that the first western comic books came about in the mid or late 1940′s.  I also assumed that the first title was probably Tom Mix, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers or Hopalong Cassidy.  As it turns out, I was […]