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Great Upcoming Golden Age Reprints

It seems that I have been focused on Golden Age reprints, lately.  Of course, with the cost of Golden Age comics being sky high, reprints are about the only way to enjoy the comics of old.  While a lot of the “key” material has been reprinted many times, there’s still a bunch of Golden Age […]


The Clock Strikes Twice – A Batman & Robin Swipe

I enjoyed reading Pat’s recent post at the Silver Age Blog about Batman’s swipe of Blackhawk.  That got me thinking about an earlier swipe where the Silver Age Batman swipes a story from the Golden Age Robin the Boy Wonder.  Although I covered this story way back in the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast […]


The Year of the Bat, Part 3 – The Batmobile

In my previous post detailing the first year of Batman’s life in the comics, I mentioned a lot of aspects of the character that not only defined him, but made him an extremely popular superhero in the early Golden Age of comic books.  As time went by in Batman’s life, it became clear that his great […]


Are the Comics Bad for Children?

That was the question asked in the April 17th, 1942 issue of The Family Circle magazine a full decade before the attacks on comic books led by Fredric Wertham and Senator Estes Kefauver.  Whereas they answered the question a resounding “yes” in the early 1950′s, this article reached the opposite conclusion. In fact, the article by […]


The Year of the Bat, Part 2

In my first posting about “The Year of the Bat” I focused on when Batman first appeared on the newsstands in the USA.  In response to that post, I was informed that Detective Comics #27 (Batman’s first appearance) had a newsstand date of April 18, 1939 as reported by the DC Indexes Blog.  While I don’t […]