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Detective Comics #27 Sells for $1.075 Million Dollars

Hot on the heels of the first comic book to fetch one million dollars, an 8.0 CGC graded copy of Detective Comics #27 featuring the first appearance of Batman brings $1,075,000 at auction!  Who says Superman is better than Batman! This book was purchased by a collector 40 years ago for $100 and was beautifully […]


The Clock Strikes Twice – A Batman & Robin Swipe

I enjoyed reading Pat’s recent post at the Silver Age Blog about Batman’s swipe of Blackhawk.  That got me thinking about an earlier swipe where the Silver Age Batman swipes a story from the Golden Age Robin the Boy Wonder.  Although I covered this story way back in the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast […]


The Year of the Bat, Part 2

In my first posting about “The Year of the Bat” I focused on when Batman first appeared on the newsstands in the USA.  In response to that post, I was informed that Detective Comics #27 (Batman’s first appearance) had a newsstand date of April 18, 1939 as reported by the DC Indexes Blog.  While I don’t […]


The Year of the Bat

Last year there was much said about the 70th anniversary of the “birth” of Superman (and the Golden Age of Comic Books) in Action Comics #1 (1938).  It’s a new year, and there’s more cause for celebration, as 2009 is the year of the Bat – the 70th anniversary of the birth of Batman in […]


The Origin of the Bat Cave

A while back I posted about Dick Sprang’s “Secrets of the Batcave” lithograph.  While I was looking at my print, I realized that I did not know the exact origin of the Batcave in comics.  Of course, there is a memorable cover devoted to the “1,000 Secrets of the Batcave” (Batman #48, August-September 1948), but […]