Guest Appearance on Comic Geek Speak – The Golden Age Batman Show

I was honored to be guest on the latest episode of Comic Geek Speak, the premier podcast for all things related to comics.  Because this is Batman’s 70th anniversary, we talked about Batman in the Golden Age of Comic Books.  Check out the episode using the audio link at the bottom of this post.


Thanks to the guys at CGS for having me on the show!



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Bill is the host of the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast. Learn more about Bill in the "About Bill" page to this site.
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  1. Pat Curley says:

    Good job, couple of points:

    1. I always assumed that was Hirohito on the cover of Batman #18, but it’s far more likely it was Tojo.
    2. Riddler had two appearances in the GA.
    3. Killer Moth had three.
    4. I have always assumed that DC reached some sort of agreement with the CCA on the villains. Basically Batman and Superman got to keep one of their major villains. The only time any other prior recurring villain other than those two appeared between the establishment of the CCA was the Penguin story in Batman #99.
    5. Batman did not go monthly until well after the Silver Age. He did go to 8 times a year in the mid-50s, which I assume that you have read.
    6. There were terrific and famous stories in the Sunday Strips, including the Penguin story where his name was first given as Oswald Cobblepot. Some of these were reprinted in the Batman Annuals around 1965-69. The Sunday strip book is excellent although the binding on mine was pretty crappy.

  2. Pat Curley says:

    Dial B for Blog had the comparison of the pulp fiction art and Tec 27. Very interesting point on the slump in comic sales after the CCA possibly leading to Batwoman. As I have blogged it has always puzzled me as to why DC started featuring women so prominently in the comics; this indeed makes a lot of sense.

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