Golden Age Reprints – Batman Chronicles, Volume 7

DC continues to churn out their Chronicles series, and this week released Batman Chronicles, Volume 7.  As most of you know, I am a big fan of the Golden Age Batman.  Part of the reason I enjoy the Golden Age incarnation of this character so much are the stories represented in this volume.  This is classic World War II era Batman and Robin, with much of the art by the great Jerry Robinson.  When I first starting reading Golden Age Batman stories years ago, it was these adventures that caught my eye and ignited the spark that became my hobby of many years.

Batman Chronicles Volume 7

Batman Chronicles Volume 7

In this edition, you’ll find the stories from Detective Comics #s 66 through 70, Batman #s 12 & 13 and World’s Finest Comics#7.   In addition to the great art by Robinson, George Roussos and Jack Burnley, you’ll find some classic WWII covers and early adventures of the Dynamic Duo’s most notable villains.

Right off the bat (no pun intended), you’ll read the origin and first appearance of Two-Face (known as “Harvey Kent”) from Detective Comics #66, to be followed by his second appearance in Detective Comics #68.  Classic Joker stories abound from Batman #s 12, 13 and Detective Comics #69 (one of my favorite Golden Age Joker Covers by Robinson).  You’ll also get to read a classic Penguin story from Detective Comics #67.   One of my favorite non-super villain stories is “Around the Clock with the Batman” from Batman #12, featuring a “day in the life” of our heroes, starting with Gotham City celebrating “Batman Day”.  “The North Pole Crimes” from World’s Finest Comics #7 is another favorite, and features the first time Batman and Robin wear alternate costumes to fight crime.  You’ll even get to see the first view of the precursor to the Batcave in Batman #12.

All in all, this is one of my favorite Chronicles issued to date.  It’s a must have for fans of the classic years of the Golden Age Batman.


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  1. Just picked up the first volume and looking forward to subsequent volumes.

  2. Pat Curley says:

    While Robinson is only my second favorite Batman artist (after Sprang), his vision of Batman with the rangy, lean body has always struck me as the most realistic.

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