Live From Heroes Con – 2009 – More Matt Baker

We had a busy day at Heroes Con.  There was a large crowd and it seems that the dealers were selling a lot of books.  I saw some cool Golden Age titles and enjoyed talking to fellow podcasters and comics fans.  I especially enjoyed my talk with the great Don Rosa at his table.  He had a new print this year that I couldn’t pass up – Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck in their best imitations of Batman (Scrooge) and Robin (Donald).  Thanks to Don for creating and signing this great print.  I also enjoyed talking to comic book dealer Robert Beerbohm.  Bob had some great old Mutt & Jeff original strips (when I say old, I’m talking World War I vintage old from 1918!) and some other great original comic book art from the Golden Age.

I think the highlight of the day was my acquisition of a copy of Going Steady #14.  Ok, why am I excited  about getting a copy of a romance comic?  Well, this issue as published by St. John in 1955 not only has a Matt Baker cover, the entire contents of this book are by Baker.  Having just posted about the life of Baker, I thought it was really fitting to find a fairly hard-to-find romance comic drawn entirely by this great Golden Age artist.

Going Steady #14 (Matt Baker Cover & Art)

Going Steady #14 (Matt Baker Cover & Art)

More from day two of the show tomorrow.


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