Nothing But Batman

Our friend and fellow blogger Pat Curley of the Silver Age of Comic Books, has done it again with his new blog, Nothing But Batman.  His most recent post features the Batman & Robin story from World’s Finest Comics #51 (April-May 1951), “The Academy for Gangsters”.

World's Finest Comics #51 (April-May 1951)

World's Finest Comics #51 (April-May 1951)

From one Batman fan to another, thanks for this new blog, Pat!


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3 Responses to Nothing But Batman

  1. Pat Curley says:

    You’re more than welcome, Bill! Your Golden Age Batman site was one of the things that got me back into comics in the late 1990s. Hope to entertain you with my posts over there!

  2. Bill Pemerton says:

    Thanks for the link. I am a huge Batman fan, but have collected only Modern Age comics (since about 1987 or so). It is interesting to see the old stories and compare them to where the current titles have taken the character.

  3. It’s good to see you on the Golden Age Blog, Bill. I hope you become a Golden Age fan!

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