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I’m in Charlotte, NC for Heroes Con 2011. It’s been a great show so far and I’m looking forward to the next two days. The highlight today was my conversation with Steve Saffel of Titan Books about the great new Joe Simon autobiography, “My Life in Comics”.

Joe Simon, "My Life in Comics"

Joe Simon, "My Life in Comics"

Simon, along with co-legend Jack Kirby are perhaps best known for their 1941 creation of Captain America. Cap was really only a small part of their creative genius, and they would go on to invent many memorable characters and stories in the Golden and Silver Ages.

“My Life in Comics” explores Simon’s “search for the great American hero” from his childhood, through his teenage years and beyond.  The book doesn’t just stop with the creation of Captain America in the Golden Age, but explores many facets of Simon’s creative life in comics.  It’s well worth the read for anyone interested in learning more about the history of this four-color medium.  This 246 page autobiography features many examples of Simon’s artistic genius, and has some great color photos of Simon and friends through the years.  It contains a number of never-before-told stories of Simon’s career in the world of comic books.

As an added bonus at Heroes Con, the book included an autographed bookplate with a very cool color drawing by Simon.  These books were selling fast at the show, and I assume they will sell out very quickly.

Joe Simon autographed bookplate

Joe Simon autographed bookplate

“My Life in Comics” retails for $24.95 and will be available at Amazon and many other online retailers.  Check it out!



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