Happy Halloween from the Golden Age of Comic Books!

Here’s a classic Golden Age Halloween cover from the fall of 1945.  Comic Cavalcade was a great anthology book published by DC, featuring The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.  Although this title saw 64 continuous issues published until 1954, the superheroes ended their run with issue #29 in 1948.  The funny animals took over from there.  The covers featuring the heroes depict them in a lighthearted way, much like the covers on the early issues of World’s Finest depict Superman, Batman and Robin.

I hope you enjoy this Halloween cover from 1945!

Comic Cavalcade #12 (Fall 1945)

Comic Cavalcade #12 (Fall 1945)


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  1. jce says:

    I love those Golden Age covers! I enjoyed the DC Archives of Comic Cavalcade that they produced a few years back. I wonder if we’ll ever get a second volume? Thank you for the cover!

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