GAC Featured Golden Age Cover – Mickey Mouse Magazine Vol. 1 No. 5 (1936)

It’s no secret that next to the Golden Age superheroes, my favorite comics were produced by Dell and other publishers for the Walt Disney Company.  Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories was the main comic book published for Disney during the Golden Age (along with some great issues in Four Color Comics).   Mickey Mouse Magazine was the precursor to Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories.  While not a comic book, the magazine featured many humorous cartoons of the main Disney animated stars.   In early 1936, Donald Duck was becoming one the most popular Disney characters, second only to Mickey Mouse.  Here, we see issue number 5 which features one of the earliest cover appearances of Donald Duck on books and magazines (and the first on this title).  Donald and his family of supporting characters would go on to appear on the cover of almost every issue of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories starting in 1940.   I’m pleased to have this early Donald Duck appearance in my collection.

I’ll be posting a few of the cartoons from this issue on the GAC Facebook page, so head over there and check them out.

Mickey Mouse Magazine Vol. 1 No. 5 (1936)

Mickey Mouse Magazine Vol. 1 No. 5 (1936)


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