Golden Age of Comic Books – December 5, 2005 – #27

In this episode, we discuss the Batman Origin Trilogy as crafted by the great Bill Finger in the pages of Detective Comics #33 (November, 1939), Batman #47 (July, 1948) and Detective Comics #235 (September, 1956).  Finger stated in Detective Comics #33 with a very limited origin that detailed the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents in a robbery and led Bruce to create the Bat-Man as his crime fighting alter ego.  Finger gave us much more detail in Batman #47, along with the name of the Killer of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Joe Chill.  By the time he authored Detective Comics #235, Finger had included back story that made Thomas Wayne “The First Batman”, and implicated a second person in their murders, Lew Moxon.  In the end, Batman solves the greatest case of his life, “The Wayne Murders”.

In this episode, we also discuss a story swipe from Star Spangled Comics #74 that ended up in the pages of Detective Comics #265.  The Detective #265 story is interesting as it details Batman’s very first case as the Dark Knight.

Detective Comics #265 (March 1959)

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