Golden Age of Comic Books – January 3, 2006 – #30

In this episode, we learn about the Golden Age Tomahawk from DC Comics.  Tomahawk was a revolutionary war era frontiersman.  He was created and drawn by Fred Ray and first appeared in the pages of Star Spangled Comics #69 (June, 1947).  At first he was a back up feature in Star Spangled Comics, but he later took over the covers of the that title with issue #96 (September, 1949).  Tomahawk and his sidekick, Dan Hunter, also appeared in the pages of Tomahawk, with issue #1 bearing a September-October, 1950 cover date.  This title ran for 140 issues until May-June, 1972.  Tomahawk was a very popular late Golden Age DC character who survived into the Silver and Bronze Ages of comic books.

Tomahawk #1

Tomahawk #1

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