The Greatest Golden Age Patriotic Cover

Considering that the height of the Golden Age took place simultaneously with America’s entrance into World War II, there are dozens of patriotic comic book covers from this era.  While I have my favorites, there is only one cover that I always think of as the greatest of these patriotic masterpieces.  Hands down, the cover to Superman #14 (January-February 1942) stands out above all of the rest of the patriotic covers of the time.  With his creation of this cover, Fred Ray simply hit a home run in capturing the essence of the patriotic ferver of the United States in the early 1940’s.  Ray created many of the Superman covers from this era, and went on the create a hit of his own with Tomahawk, who first debuted in Star Spangled Comics #69 (June 1947).

Superman #14 (January-February 1942)

Superman #14 (January-February 1942)

In 2006, DC Direct issued a great statue replica of this cover.   It’s a very cool piece of Superman memorabilia celebrating the Golden Age of comic books.

Superman #14 Statue

Superman #14 Statue

Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. Pat Curley says:

    DC also reissued that cover as a giveaway poster sometime shortly after 9-11; I have a copy somewhere around here.

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