Golden Age of Comics – June 15, 2007 – #52

We are “live” from Heroes Con 2007! This is a jam-packed episode of the Golden Age of Comic Books. We begin with an introduction from the floor, and then move quickly into a discussion about the Golden Age Wildcat. Ted Grant, a/k/a Wildcat, first got his start in 1941 in the pages of Sensation Comics #1 as a backup to the new feature, “Wonder Woman”. Grant was the heavyweight boxing champ, but decided to fight crime after donning a “cat-like” costume to clear his name after he was framed for a murder. He also appeared in Comic Cavalcade #s 1 & 2 and in All-Star Comics #24 and #27 (his only Golden Age cover appearances). He lasted in the Golden Age until 1949, and was later revived in the pages of The Brave and the Bold.

In addition to the Wildcat, we have a “jam session” with Comic Geek Speak, Sci-Fi Dig, Comic News Insider and Comic Book Savant.

We then move to the highlight of the show and my interview of Golden Age Great Jerry Robinson! Jerry began working on the Batman feature after being hired by Bob Kane in 1939. Jerry went on to create the Joker for Batman #1 and came up with the name for Robin the Boy Wonder. Jerry is a wonder himself and has had a phenomenal career. At 85, Jerry is still going strong with several project on tap.

We then spend a few minutes talking about Human Torch Comics #5b, the epic three-part story featuring Sub-Mariner versus the Human Torch and the world.

Did I mention that this is just part 1!? This episode ends after day 2 of Heroes Con. Part 2 will pick up on Heroes Con Day 3, and will feature some additional great interviews, so stay tuned!


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