Golden Age Reprints for 2008

In the last episode of the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast, I mentioned that there had been a plethora of Golden Age reprints over the past several months.  In looking back at 2008 (at least through the date of this post) it seems that Marvel has been a little busier than DC in providing Golden Age fans with some high quality reprints, but DC continues to churn out the “Chronicles” for Batman and Superman in a trade paperback format that is much more affordable to the average reader.  Following is a list of the majority of the Golden Age reprints I am aware of to date in 2008.

DC Comics

  • Seven Soldiers of Victory Archives, Volume 3 (Reprints Leading Comics 9-14)
  • Spirit Archives, Volume 24 (Reprints Sunday Spirit Sections from 1/1952 to 10/1952)
  • Spirit Archives, Volume 25 (Reprints Spirit dailies from 10/13/41 – 3/11/44)
  • Superman Chronicles, Volume 4 (Reprints Action Comics 26-31, Superman 6-7)
  • Superman Chronicles, Volume 5 (Reprints Action Comics 32-36, Superman 8-9, World’s Best Comics 1)
  • Batman Chronicles, Volume 5 (Reprints Detective Comics 57-61, Batman 8-9, World’s Finest Comics 5-6)
  • Batman Chronicles, Volume 6 (Reprints Detective Comics 62-65, Batman 10-11, World’s Finest Comics 5-6)

Marvel Comics

  • Golden Age Marvel Comics Masterworks, Volume 3 (Reprints Marvel Mystery Comics 9-12)
  • Golden Age Daring Mystery Comics Masterworks, Volume 1 (Reprints Daring Mystery Comics 1-4)
  • Golden Age Captain America Masterworks, Volume 2 (Reprints Captain America Comics 5-8)
  • Atlas Era Tales to Astonish Masterworks, Volume 2 (Reprints Tales to Astonish 11-20)
  • Atlas Era Tales of Suspense Masterworks, Volume 2 (Reprints Tales of Suspense 11-20)
  • Atlas Era Journey Into Mystery Masterworks, Volume 1 (Reprints Journey Into Mystery 1-10)
  • Atlas Era Heroes Masterworks, Volume 2 (Reprints Men’s Adventures 27-28, Captain America Comics 76-78, Human Torch 36-38)
  • Atlas Era Heroes Masterworks, Volume 3 (Reprints Sub-Mariner 33-42)

Dark Horse

  • Roy Rogers Comics, Volume 1 (Reprints Four Color Comics 38, 63, 86, 95, 109)

Gemstone (EC Comics) (Note: some of these may have been released in 2007)

  • Crime SuspenStories, Volume 1 (Reprints CrimeSuspenStories 1-6)
  • Haunt of Fear, Volume 1 (Reprints Haunt of Fear 1-6)
  • Frontline Combat, Volume 1 (Reprints Frontline Combat 1-6)
  • Shock SuspenStories, Volume 1 (Reprints Shock SuspenStories 1-6)
  • Shock SuspenStories, Volume 2 (Reprints Shock SuspenStories 7-12)
  • Tales from the Crypt, Volume 1 (Reprints Crypt of Terror 17-19 and Tales from the Crypt 20-22)
  • Tales from the Crypt, Volume 2 (Reprints Tales from the Crypt 23-28)
  • Tales from the Crypt, Volume 3 (Reprints Tales from the Crypt 29-34)
  • Two-Fisted Tales, Volume 1 (Reprints Two-Fisted Tales 18-23)
  • Two-Fisted Tales, Volune 2 (Reprints Two-Fisted Tales 24-29)
  • Vault of Horror, Volume 1 (Reprints Vault of Horror 12-17)
  • Weird Science, Volume 1 (Reprints Weird Science 12-14, 5-6)
  • Weird Science, Volume 2 (Reprints Weird Science 7-12)
  • Weird Science, Volume 3 (Reprints Weird Science 13-18)

The list above represents the mainstream reprint sources I am aware of and does not include any reprints contained in single comic book issues (i.e. Uncle Scrooge that from time to time reprints Uncle Scrooge stories from the Barks run in the 1950’s) or any of the many web sites and digital resources available for reprint material.

The best resource on the web for a complete listing of reprints in collected editions is the Collected Comics Library, maintained by Chris Marshall.  Chris also hosts the Collected Comics Library Podcast which is an excellent weekly show featuring all things related to collected editions.

Please leave a comment if you believe I left out any Golden Age reprints from 2008 that should be included in the above list.


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