Golden Age Reprints – Superman Chronicles Volume 6

I was pleased to see that more classic Golden Age reprints hit the stands last week with the publication of The Superman Chronicles#6.  The Chronicles series is devoted to reprinting all of the adventures of Batman and Superman in chronological order from their first appearances.  I noticed that DC is also going to begin a Green Lantern Chronicles series detailing the adventures of the Silver Age Green Lantern.

The Superman Chronicles #6 (2009)

The Superman Chronicles #6 (2009)

This new Superman volume reprints all of the Superman stories from Action Comics # 37-40, Superman #10-11 and World’s Finest Comics #2-3.  This is great pre-WWII classic Golden Age material covering from Spring to Fall 1941.

This trade paperback book retails for $14.99.  Check it out!


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  1. David Akers says:

    I love these Chronicles, even though I’m a bit behind on reading them. I really hope these don’t go the way of the Archive editions and get dropped from DC’s lineup.

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