Trivia Contest Winner

Congratulations to our friend and fellow blogger Pat Curley of the Silver Age of Comic Books blog for being the first person to provide the correct answers to the trvia contest questions from the last podcast! Pat is the proud owner of the new 2010 Vintage DC Comics and Vintage Marvel Comics calendars from Asgard Press. Thanks to all of the fans of the Golden Age of Comic Books podcast who provided entries to the triva contest.

Before I post the trivia questions and answers, I’ll point out that the first two parts of the Uncle Scrooge question were actually taken from last year’s contest. It was the third part of the question that required a little bit of extra research to find the correct answer.

Here are the questions and answers:

1. Uncle Scrooge was created by the great Carl Barks and made his first appearance in Four Color Comics #178 in the story “Christmas on Bear Mountain“. The first question has three parts: a. In What title and issue did Uncle Scrooge make his second appearance; b. What was the name of the story; c. What was the name of the location in Scotland where the McDuck clan ancestral home was located?

The answers: a. Four Color Comics #189; b. “The Old Castle’s Secret”; c. Dismal Downs.

2.  On what early Detective Comics cover did Batman appear with a vampire?

The answer: Detective Comics #31 (A vampire known as “The Monk” appears on the cover with Batman).

Congratulations again to Pat for being the first person to provide all of the correct answers.

By the way, in case you had not noticed, Detective Comics #31 is featured on the front of the 2010 Vintage DC Comics Calendar.

Vintage DC Calendar

Vintage DC Calendar


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  1. Pat Curley says:

    Thanks, Bill! As I mentioned on the blog, these calendars are absolutely gorgeous!

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