2010 Vintage DC Comics & Marvel Comics Calendars

I am excited to announce that Asgard Press has once again produced a great special 75th anniversary edition Vintage DC Comics Calendar for 2010.  Just like the 2009 calendar, this is a large format very high quality 11 X 14 calendar (opens to 11 X 30) with 16 collector quality cover reproductions that are suitable for framing (they are perforated for easy removal from the calendar). These covers represent some of the classics from the Golden Age and Silver Age of comic books, and feature many of the most popular DC Super Heroes. Many of these covers have never been reprinted in large format, presenting a unique opportunity for collectors of comic books of this era. This is a 16 month calendar, running from September, 2009 through December, 2010.

Vintage DC Calendar

Vintage DC Calendar

Here are the covers you will find reproduced in the calendar (you can view them at the Asgard Press web site):

Superman #14, Adventure Comics #48, All-Flash Quarterly #1, Adventure Comics #113 (great Christmas cover), 1940 NY World’s Fair Comics, Detective Comics #122, Superman #120, Green Lantern (2nd series) #40, Wonder Woman #156, More Fun Comics #101, All Star Comics #3, Superboy #147, Batman #41, Captain Marvel Adventures #19 (another great Christmas Cover), Action Comics #10 and Detective Comics #31.

I am honored that Asgard Press again asked my to write the introduction to the calendar (“75 Years of DC Comics”) and the commentary on each cover.  While I love the 2009 calendar, I think Asgard far surpassed last year’s effort and has produced a collector’s item that every fan of vintage DC Comics’ covers will love.  Asgard is also committed to being “green” and used 100% recycled paper and soy-based inks.

As if one vintage comic book calendar was not enough, Asgard has outdone itself by also producing a Vintage Marvel Comics Calendar for 2009-2010.  This calendar has the same dimensions and specifications of the DC calendar, and features covers from the Silver Age of Marvel Comics.

Vintage Marvel Calendar

Vintage Marvel Calendar

In the Marvel Calendar you will find, The Invincible Iron Man #1, The Amazing Spider-Man #1, Captain America #100, X-Men #35, Fantastic Four #50, The Avengers #57, Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1, The Incredible Hulk #2, Strange Tales #135, Daredevil #10, The Silver Surfer #4, Fantastic Four #28, The Avengers #87, The Amazing Spider-Man #68, Tales of Suspense #49 and Journey into Mystery #89.

These are all great covers that any fan of vintage Marvel Comics would be proud to own.

Just like last year, Asgard has provided me with a special 10% off promo code for use by the fans of the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast and Blog.  So, when you visit the Asgard Press web site, be sure to use promo code GOLDENAGECOMICS when you check out and you will receive 10% off the $18.95 cover prices of these calendars.  The promo code will also work with the fantastic vintage college sports calendars and other products on the Asgard Press web site, so check them out as well.

These calendars make fantastic gifts, so make sure you pick up one for each of your favorite comic book fans!


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  2. David Akers says:

    I got my GA DC calendar the other day and it now hangs proudly next to my desk at work. Absolutely gorgeous work by Asgard Press. I may have to go back for the Marvel one. 🙂


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  7. j ellis says:

    I love this calendar (and 2009’s, too), so I was happy to leave a review on Amazon’s web-site. I definitely hope DC will continue their license with Asgard Press. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and please keep up the great work on your web-site and podcasts.

    Thanks, Jeff

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