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Fawcett’s Golden Age “X-Mas Comics” – Merry Christmas!

Like most people who celebrate Christmas, I prefer “Christmas” over the abbreviated “X-Mas”.  Nevertheless, Fawcett published some very cool Christmas themed comics in the Golden Age with the title, X-Mas Comics.  These comics featured stories with Fawcett’s stars, Captain Marvel, Bulletman, Spy Smasher, Ibis the Invincible and many others.  Of course, Santa was also featured […]


Merry Christmas from the Golden Age of Comic Books!

It’s time for the celebration of Christmas at the Golden Age of Comic Books Blog and Podcast!  I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season, and that your time is spent with family and friends.  Here are a couple of Christmas covers from the Golden Age of Comic Books that are guaranteed to […]


Christmas Covers, Revisited, Part 2

Yes, Virginia, even Christmas covers with Santa Claus get swiped!  As I noted last year in a post showcasing DC’s earliest Christmas covers, one of the best know “Christmas cover swipes” is Al Feldstein’s swipe of Vince Sullivan’s cover to More Fun Comics #16 for his now classic cover to EC’s Panic #1. It’s tough […]