GAC Guest Appearance on Komics Kast #41 – Ace: The Bat-Hound!

I was honored to have a guest appearance on Bruce Rosenberger’s Komics Kast episode #41. Having heard Bruce’s segment on the Silver Age Batwoman in Komics Kast #40, I told Bruce I would love to be on his show to talk about the Silver Age Bat-Hound. Bruce agreed and the rest is history! The Bat-Hound (Ace) made his first appearance in Batman #92 (June, 1955) at the very end of the Golden Age of Comics. He went on to have a total of 16 appearances in the pages of Batman, Detective Comics and World’s Finest Comics. While not one of the main characters in the entire history of Batman, Ace was certainly an important sidekick of Batman and Robin during the early Silver Age. Here’s a chronological listing of Ace’s appearances in the Silver Age, including his last cameo appearance after the “new look” Batman began in 1964, and many of the 1950’s elements of the Batman stories were abandoned.


  • Batman 92 (June, 1955), “Ace, The Bat-Hound!”
  • Batman 97 (February, 1956), “The Return of the Bat-Hound!”
  • Batman 103 (October, 1956), “Bat-Hound, Movie Star!” (1st Silver Age Appearance)
  • Detective Comics 254 (April, 1958), “One Ounce of Doom!”
  • Batman 123 (April, 1959), “The Fugitive Batman!”
  • Batman 125 (August, 1959), “The Secret Life of Bat-Hound!”
  • Batman 130 (March, 1960), “The Master of Weapons!”
  • Batman 131 (April, 1960), “The Dog that Betrayed Batman!”
  • Batman 133 (August, 1960), “Batwoman’s Publicity Agent!”
  • Detective Comics 289 (January, 1961), “The Raven and the Wasp!”
  • Batman 143 (October, 1961), “Bathound and the Creature!”
  • Batman 152 (December, 1962), “Formula for Doom!”
  • Detective Comics 318 (August, 1963), “The Cat-Man Strikes Back!”
  • Batman 158 (September, 1963), “Ace: The Super Bat-Hound!”
  • Batman 162 (March, 1964), “The Batman Creature!”
  • World’s Finest Comics 143 (August, 1964), “The Fued Between Superman and Batman!”

Komics Kast Episode #41 (Standard MP3 – 15 MB – 32:31)

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