New Golden Age Reprint – Marvel Masterworks All-Winners Vol. 3

Last week, Marvel published a new Golden Age Masterworks: All-Winners, Volume 3.  This volume reprints classic Marvel stories from the WWII years featuring the Human Torch, Captain America & Bucky, the Sub-Mariner and others.  Featured here are All-Winners #9 (Summer 1943), #10 (Fall 1943), #11 (Winter 1943-44), #12 (Spring 1944),  #13 (Fall 1944) and #14 (Winter 1944-45).  The issues all have great Alex Schomburg covers that feature classic WWII themes.  The introduction to this volume is by comics writer and super fan, Roy Thomas.  If you love Golden Age Marvel titles, this is a “must buy” as it reprints many stories that have never been reprinted before.  The book has a cover price of $59.99 but can be found online for a discounted price.



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  1. Mike Pasqua says:

    I absolutley love the fact that Marvel is reprinting these classic golden age books. What I hope they will soon do is print the 11 issues of All Select Comics and the Black Knight comics in the future. The cover to All Select is one of Alex Schomburg’s finest! Anyone at Marvel paying attention?

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